Meet Allie

Hello, I’m Allie Taylor…

… and welcome to the blog of an average college girl trying to find her place in the big, big world of journalism.

I’m currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL (Go Eagles!) and I specialize in entertainment and lifestyle reporting. The best part about my career is that I never know where it will take me. One day, I’m writing about FGCU’s redshirt freshman basketball players and the Dunk City roster. Another day, I’m gearing up for an interview with an FGCU alumni couple who have two restaurants in Asheville. The next, I’m doing a photoshoot of my obsessive tea collection for my blog.

I genuinely have a passion for writing. I found that the best way to write a story is to find what makes it human. When you begin to blur the line between news and feature writing, that’s where the magic happens. I really find truth in the idea that everyone has a story and they’re just waiting for the right person to tell it to.

On my site, you’ll find everything from reviews of my favorite products, to tips on how to juggle a busy schedule to even rants about something that really ground my gears for the week. Also fashion, definitely fashion.

Happy writing,

Allie Taylor